3D Kanojo: Real Girl – 01

[9volt] 3D Kanojo Real Girl - 01 [1080p] [E60232D6].mkv_snapshot_11.09_[2018.04.09_06.09.55].jpgEpisode 1 – “About The First Time I Met Her”

Download on Nyaa.si / NyaaPantsu / AniDex / GD

Note: A v2 of this episode will be released once OP lyrics become available.

– TL: Crunchyroll
– TLC: XiaYixuan
– Editing: 9volt
– Typesetting: 9volt
– QC: Goethite
– Karaoke: 9volt
– RAW: Crunchyroll

We recommend you use the latest version of MPC-HC with LAV Filters, MadVR, and AssFilterMod; or mpv.

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